Friday, February 25, 2011


Alas Friday is here and busy busy busy was the mode at work.  We launched another Lexus model - the LEXUS CT200H.  Very sporty, compact, luxurious car.  Here I am with my colleagues:


I received a comment on my post yesterday from one of my ebay customers.  She owns 5 pieces that I made in the past.  It was wonderful to hear from her.

Pug happiness is finishing pieces like the other doll of the doll from yesterday's blog.  What a mighty fine pair of PUG-LIONS don't you agree?

Check out this little guy made from a pair of slacks that went into the PUG IT PILE:

The YING and YANG of it all went into this pair of pillows:

CHESTER IS DONE.  I shared CHESTER in the making a couple of weeks ago.  Isn't Chester cute?

The embelishment on this SIT PUG SIT piece came from Korea.  My husband picked up the doo-dads while he was stationed there.  This is a piece I will keep for myself.

And I finally finished a set of antique inspired pug dolls I entitled BUBLINTON

Happy Friday my Blog Buddies.  Until next time I share this pic of MA-kytah in her new comfty bed.

The Pug Artist from Guam


  1. Oh Karen, you are just killing me with all this cuteness !! Now which do I like best ?? The Bublington set ? Chester ? (we live near the city of Chester, in the UK !!) or the Pug Lions ?? Today I think it's Chester, he's fab !! Thanks for sharing them with us xx

  2. and how could I not comment on MA-kytah in her splendid new bed, she's a real sweethear <3 Nicky x