Friday, February 18, 2011

MA-kytah Does Today's Blog

Hello Blog Buddies of Karen (my Master).  I am a bit bored right now because Ms. Karen has just been basic lately.  Me and my buddies get our basic walks outside; our basic meals; and maybe a basic pat on the head.

 Abbey feels the same way.  Awww look at her sad eyes.

 Ms. Karen being basic doesn't bother Max so much because when he is bored he just barks at everything that passes by the french doors,

Shady  gets really ancy when she doesn't get enough attention.  She does things like chew up Ms. Karen's shoes.

What has been keeping Ms. Karen so busy lately you ask?


 She has been on a mission to finish these pillowy things that looks like me.

 Yep.........when she parks herself on her leather couch like this then that means she is working with BEADS.

 Wow wow weeeee - Look at her go.

 When Ms. Karen travels she always brings home beads.  She picked these up on her trip to the Philippines.

In her hands she has beads from Alaska. 

HMPH ----- BEADS.  We tried to play with Ms, Karen's grandson Xavier but as you can see he is too busy on the laptop.

Oh well - I hope the BEAD craze goes away because I want to be cuddled and played with.  Until then Blog Buddies I leave another pic of me being PUG PATIENT!!!

The Pug Artist from Guam's PUG

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  1. Aw MA-kytah, you are being a very patient pug. We have had to be patient around here too. At least your Momma is at home, even if you don't get many snuggles. Those beaded pugs look georgeous. See haw inspiring you are?