Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Day of Thursday

It is the day of Thursday turning to evening as this 24th day of February comes to an end in Guam.  What PUGness have I done all week?  I attempt to do a little at a time on the pieces I have in production.  Sew a snout here, cut a pattern there; paint on a face, bead, stuff, snip.  Eventually there is pug creation and an end pug.

ta-ta-ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh:

Another Pot Belly Pug

Sit Pug Sit made from a skirt that landed in the PUG IT PILE

In the assembly line are antique inspired pugs that I need to name; more Sit Pug Sit pieces; and I'm drawing out some flying pug angels.  Can't wait to start on those.

The Pug Artist From Guam


  1. oh karen!
    they are beyond amazing!
    i have goosebumps!
    your post made my whole day!
    m & e

  2. Oh, I love them all! I think pug lion is my favorite!

  3. Hello Karen, My name is Debbie and I live in Pennsylvania. I am so happy to find your blog and to see that you are still creating wonderful pug art. I own 5 pieces that you created. I purchased them from you on Ebay. I also have a pug named Max who is 8 years old. He is much adored by our family. Your blog is interesting and I really like your photos. Do you have a website where you sell your pug art? I am new to blogging and I hope to get better at this.