Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After Eating Noodles

Our journey continued in Hong Kong and after eating the noodle lunch yesterday we continued to shop for beads, laces, buttons. and I even found these pug eyes; however the store attendants didn’t seem to want to help us??? So on we went.

My granddaughters were definitely amazed at their Nana going into store after store like a crazy pug artist digging and digging through baskets of beads, buying beads by the oz, yards and yards of laces (for pug collars). But we did pose a pose for a pic. Little did they know that I had some fun in store for them later that day. We had to complete the mission of why I came to Hong Kong.

Back to the hotel we go in a taxi. I am so glad that my friends here in Hong Kong provided the Chinese translation of the hotel we were staying at because taxi drivers don’t speak English. I just pull out the paper and show it to them and off we go back to the hotel.

This trip had backpacks full of stuff for the Pugs

Check out my kiddies understanding the HK$ currency:

And now for the surprise. I exposed my children to Hong Kong…first this

And then this


And then this

We ate a noodle stand in the poor side of Hong Kong

And then a fine restaurant in the bling bling district called Harbour City

I think the appreciated both sides of Hong Kong.  Of course the bling bling side was their favorite as you can see:

We were absolutely exhausted after 12 hours of walking and exploring. Shopping and then the beautiful scenery of Harbour City.

Oh dear – I got caught on the Blackberry. Despite being on vacation – I checked on messages from Hubby in Afghanistan, received an update on Kin’s soccer tournament in Okinawa (so he is doing fine in that country), checking my Etsy shop, FB, work messages, and emails from my colleagues in Hong Kong who were confirming meetings this week while I am here.

Okay back to fun and more pics of our adventures in Hong Kong enjoy!!!  WILL POST SOON

Pug Hugs,

Karen the pug artist from Guam

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