Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3 in Hong Kong

Last night I saw the first Chinese person with a TAT since being here in Hong Kong.

Check out Zach shopping away in Harbour City.

Check out Lil with her funky socks.

Check out McDonald's ice crean and McFloat walk up stand.  Wow we need this in Guam

I got a kick out of McDonald's delivery service on mopeds.

This morning it was back to business  I had my first experience riding the Hong Kong MTR that took me to the business district.

This is one of the Toyota Service Centers.  It is so small compared to ours in Guam.

After my meeting, I rode the MTR back to the hotel and gathered the kids to flag a taxi.

We headed for the toy district

Check out Zach's shark book bag that he bought.

We had so much fun in the toy district that we got lost.

In this pic we read the map wrong and headed deeper into the city.


I was a bit worried here.

We were being swallowed by buildings and vendors.

So we looked at the map again.

And again.

Ahh yes landmarks I can recognize and a relief look comes upon me.

A relief look comes upon Zach

A relief look comes upon Lil.

Yes we found our way back to the hotel.


Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam

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