Monday, May 9, 2011

One Month After R&R

(SIGHING) well, it's almost one month since Ed left back to Afghanistan.  Every day I pray for his safety and the safety of all our service members who are deployed.

Wow two special occasions passed since I last blogged. Both occasions were celebrated with family (less Ed). Hmm, let's see........there was Easter. Struck this pose with my grandsons Joshy and Bub.

And recently, like the day before yesterday - it was Mother's Day. I spent that day finishing some pug projects. Aren't these little rascals adorable? I tagged the set "LESS THE POD PEA PUGS." I kept smiling to myself each time I added its personality.
They are now available in my Etsy Shop Here

I also sewed and stuffed more See, Hear, Speak no evil bodies:

And I did finish a set that is now available in my Etsy shop Here

Oh - I must share my teak book case.'s my Pug case for my creations. There is another Pug case on the other side. I'll post a pic of that another time.

Sorry that this was inserted side ways but I swear I rotated this before I uploaed it so heads won't tilt.  Technology I tell Ya.

Still teaching Zach how to drive. Yep - got to squeeze that into my busy schedule.

Also squeezed into my schedule is Kin's soccer games. He is the goal keeper in the red jersey.  At this game they challenged GW High School and the score tied at 2 to 2.  His school is leaving this weekend for Okinawa to compete in the Far East Tournament.

As I waited for soccer games to start, and during half time I worked on these pieces.

Black mAx Pug available in my Etsy Shop Here

Ying Yang Pug Pillow available in my Etsy Shop Here

Well - that's it for now my blog buddies. Until next time...........I leave this with you. It was one of the last photos I took of Max before his trip over the bridge to the rainbow to catch up with Emmit.

Karen - The Pug Artist From Guam


  1. hi karen!
    oh my gosh!
    i wish you could hear me squee with joy at your new creations!
    i just cannot tell you how much i love them all!
    your new 3 peas pugs are my absolute favorite!

    they are beyond fabulous!

    i am sending you huge hugs and know that your sweet Max and Emmitt are playing together right now and snacking on their favorite treats!

    love you!!!

  2. I'm in agreement with Melissa...those new pea pugs minus the pod are so "Squeeee" worthy. I just love your things. I just love the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" themes and pugs...come on...what a perfect set.
    Much love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Puggums