Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sushi and New York Fries

This was the last vendor we patronized today before heading back to the hotel to relax and prepare for the next leg of our journey.

Wow, Kylie caught a view of this building we figured was an apartment unit.  Check out all them air cons.

Here is Tammy in the courtesy shuttle to the ladies market.  We were excited about going to shop for girlie things.

But first I had tummies to fill and we found this rotary sushi restaurant.  My kids and I love sushi.

The sushi was just the appetizers.

We wanted to try the New York Fries because we don't have this on Guam.  It was so so.

Pepper Lunch seem to have drawn a bulk of the mall meal goers.

The fries were hot and so so.

This ladies district was absolutely packed with people.  There were soooo many people.  Way too many that we just found our way out of that district back to the hotel.

As we waited for the bus - I took pics of 
Tam and Kylie

Lil and Zach

Me and my children

Zach and his nieces

Look at this Chines Peep

Whoap Whoap - It's Lil

So as Kylie had taken photos of tall building with aircons.

I took a photo of this tall building.

Our trip is coming to an end here in Hong Kong.  I have one more business meeting tomorrow.  Kids are heading back down to Harbour City.  Then I meet up with them later on to pack up and head to the airport.
Until then my blog buddies - I'll Blog from Guam.

Karen, the Pug Artist from Guam

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