Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More of Hong Kong

Our morning began with some fine coffee from McCafe @ McDonalds across from our hotel.

We didn't feel right after our breakfast @ Micky Dees because we could just leave our trash and a busboy/girl cleans the table.  Now that was a culture shock to us.

And drinks to go are bagged.  There are no 4-cup holders

We also noticed that even though we were on the poor side of this city, the streets are free of litter.  Every morning ladies like this one sweeps the street manually.

We also noticed no tagging on the buildings and the youngs ones...........have no tattoos or as they call it on Guam and maybe all of our nation - body art or TAT.

We head back to shopping for more beads.  The minute we got out of the taxi this older shop owner began waving at us and smiling and welcoming us and he was just so customer centric.  Firstly we all had backpacks - a clear sign that we were not from this side of town or this country for that matter.  He was a shop owner of masks/mardi gras stuff.  Tammy needed two masks for her masquerade ball.  The shop owner - I think was trying to use his English and he was quite good.  He asked us where we were from and he had no idea where Guam was and decided that we were Hawaiian.  As we left he kept calling out to us "ALOHA"  "ALOHA"

My My - I got caught digging through a basket of beads:

We got thirsty and stopped by a little shop for cold drinks and this shop had a mascot, I guess, a Persian Cat.  Although- an animal in a store of food is just not allowed in America.

Here is Kylie buying me some fine stone beads for the Pugs.  OH I just can't wait to design and use them on pug pieces.

Gumball machines - well they just bring the kid out of my kids:

Kylie in the down town:

Kylie in the Up Town:

Tammy in the down town:

Tammy in the Uptown

Meals in the down town:

Meals in the Uptown

I do have COACH pieces..............but I don't have a pic with me under a COACH sign:

GOT GUCCI?  I do-just a couple of pieces that I love:

Just can't pass by STARBUCKS.......Yummy yummy:

Well - our second day in Hong Kong is coming to an end.  More to come my blog buddies.  Until then I leave a pic with my son the 16 year old.  He is getting taller and taller.

The Pug Artist from Guam

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