Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Culture

I would say that my teens and daughter were a bit culture shocked at big metropolitan city life in Hong Kong.  I needed to go to the seamstress district to stock up on my supplies for embellishing my pugs.  We were in Kowloon and there were streets and streets of nothing but beads, buttons, fabric, laces. 

On Guam we hardly ever walk to shop.  Stores are spread out and our malls are not that big.  Folks on Guam pretty much drive everywhere.  But in Hong Kong we had to be aware of the pedestrian lights and traffic lights. 

We took a tax or shuttle everywhere and when we got to where we were going to we walked the rest of the way.

I tell you – my toes were cramping and that was painful.

In the shopping district there were no restaurants PERIOD.  But there were noodle stands.  We figured – might as well get a taste of Hong Kong.  The stand was on the street, yes it was. 

The cars passing by were like inches away from where we were sitting. 

Folks here are not as friendly as we are accustomed to.  Now I know why when my colleagues from Hong Kong visit Guam they are fascinated at how friendly everyone is.  I hated this one guest relations clerk at the hotel we stayed at.  It just irks me when she assumed we knew what she was talking about – that’s why I ask questions (nicely I might add).  She wouldn’t even let me finish my question.  So I pulled my hypnotic “take a chill pill” look.  I’ll just look at this angry young Y-generation rude girl and not blink – just stare………………and politely ask my question again.  She calmed down but still – when you are serving customers – why get angry or irked when the customer asks a question……….politely?  Don’t want to serve customers?  Do something else.

I can’t wait to start using all the beads and doo-dads I bought in Hong Kong on the pug creations coming up.  

Karen, The Pug Artist From Guam

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  1. Hi. My Mommy LOVES HK but admits people are not all that friendly and a lot of times they are just standing around with nothing to do. Unheard of!!!! But the bustle and excitement in HK is unbeatable.
    Love Noodles