Wednesday, December 21, 2011

After 25 Year

It's been 25 years since I "moved."  It's amazing how me and the fam bam filled up our home in the 17 years we have lived here.

We don't really do "Spring" cleaning because we don't have a Spring.  We know our seasons as

Rainy Season

Dry Season

Termite Season

Typhoon Season

Yep yep - those are our four seasons

Anyway - so much to little time.  Today I concentrated on booking a date to ship the household goods; withdrawing the boys from school; getting suitcases; airline e-tickets; reserving a flight for the pugs; and more to do before we leave Guam next week.

Sighing..................I'm going to miss Guam.

And as 2011 comes to an end I look back at everything that has happened.  I still ache at the passing of Max in April.  He loved to prop himself on me and just relax.  I miss you little man.



  1. hi karen!
    i am so excited for you and your family.
    change can be so exciting and open so many beautiful doors for us.
    i cannot wait to hear about all that unfolds!
    thank you for always sharing with us!
    m & a

  2. Hello from your news follower! Looking forward to getting to know you guys a little better!