Monday, December 5, 2011

The Eyes Are the Mirror of the Soul

Look into my eyes

NO.........not her eyes.  My eyes.
It's me MA-kytah.  Ummm my harness is a bit crooked because I was playing with Shady.  We were chasing balls.  Check out the action shots Ms. Karen took with her Canon (on Sports mode):

Well she needs to practice some more because in my opinion..........these are blurry.

Anywho........we stopped playing because Miss Karen went to work on some eyes

No - not her eyes. The eyes of them thingy's she has been crocheting.  She has a whole basket full of thingy's.

She prepped her table to paint.

And paint she did.

She let them little critters sit to dry and then I caught her staring at these things going "HMMMMMMM......think think"
Can anyone imagine or guess what Miss Karen was getting all Winnie the Pooh about?

Then she thought............while the paint and paint brushes were out why not paint?  And paint she did.

We didn't get to ride the basket today because it was raining outside and Miss Karen wasn't about to train us to ride in the rain.  Boo.

Well, that's it for this round of blogging.  I had fun being with you today Blog Buddies of Miss Karen.  Until next time, I leave you the freaky pics of Shady chasing balls.
Look at them eyeballs

This isn't a pug - this is a black bat.


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