Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brown Tree Snakes and THE FLIGHT OUT OF GUAM

Hello Blog Buddies of Miss Karen.
Shady here to do today's Blog. 

MA-kytah should be doing the Blog because it's her turn but she has been pretty moody lately.

Anyway the "doing things in the last hour" is upon us.  Yesterday I literally went balistic when

USDA came to our home.
The nice guy named Rich said that he had to inspect our home for



Yep apparentaly the island is infested with these snakes and to ensure none of it wiggles into the crates that go off the island - USDA had to inspect our household goods. 

He asked Miss Karen - "When was the last time you had a brown tree snake around your home"  Miss Karen thought and thought and remembered it was two years ago.   Miss Karen can't kill a fly so she had Mr. Josh swing at it with a machete to chase it away.

Anyway all was cool about inspecting the house until Mr. Rich  brought this guy named "CHICO" into our home. 

 He's a Jack Russell and Jack Russells are ideal breeds to train to sniff out brown tree snakes.  Check out this blog for more on the brown tree snakes.

And that's why I went balistic because the Chico dude was in my house and like nobody cleared that with me????.

Anyway I shouldn't have made such a matter get to me but nooooooooo

 I was banging like a mad gal against the kennel and Miss Karen had us transferred to Lillian's house and that's where we stayed all day.

So while we were away............this is what happened.
All our stuff got put into a crate and it left.  Yep - there were 5 crates and two huge boxes.

We came home to an empty house.

Before we knew it.........we were back on the road again.

Miss Karen said that we couldn't fly out on 12/31 because customs is closed for the weekend in New York or is that Houston.  WHATEVER.  we just couldn't get on that flight

So it was back to the vet to get another clearance.
And we did.

Then we drove and drove and drove and came upon this building

It was here that we saw Miss Karen run in.

And we saw her run out.
She had to turn our clearance from the veterinarian over to the Department of Agriculture Animal Control Center
so that the vet there could clear us to fly out of Guam.

Miss Karen is so stressed out trying to get all the darn paperwork done for me and MA-kytah that it literally messes up her hair.

Whew - 4 hours in the 4Runner running around to get a flight out on January 3rd.  And it's still not confirmed!!!  Can everybody cross their fingers that we fly out on January 3rd?

Until the next time Miss Karen can get back onto Blog world - I leave you this photo of me and Miss Karen..........Doesn't it just say
"I would do anything for you pugs?"


  1. We wish you all safe travels to your new adventure!!! Please post as soon as you arrive safely!!!!

  2. Keeping our fingers crossed! I always wonder what Finn is thinking when I leave her in the car for a few mintues - watching me run in and out of where I am going!

  3. oh what an adventure!
    archie and i are sending you all huge hugs and cannot wait for your next post!

  4. awwww! Love your blogs! gunna miss you nina!

  5. We will be thinking of you as you take on your new destination. We wish you very safe travels. And yes, I do believe Miss Karen would do anything for you pugs!