Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pug Palace Bustle

Returning from our morning walk today MA-kytah and I were tickled when a visitor ran into the PUG PALACE.

It was SOJO.  He belongs to my little sister who lives next door.  MA-kytah and I figured SOJO was boycotting his palace because of the return of Byson who was on a two week vacation in the island yard of Chandiha Street.  Yep, Byson was sent on this vacation because Ella, little sister's granddaughter was visiting.  A big baby Byson - who is a pit bull - just doesn't go well with a cute little infant.  Besides Ella is little sister's first grandchild and she is just the cutest cupcake.

Anyway, little sister came over to escort SOJO back to his palace but he just wanted to continue to explore the Pug Palace.
He eventually went home and we continued with the bustle of Sunday at the Pug Palace.

Can you figure out what these are?
WOO HOO so many little crocheted thingy's.

It didn't take long to whip em up even when there is a pug pile on Karen on the couch.

How about these dilly wackers......can you figure out what they are?

OKAY...........I'll share a little bit more:

My my they are coming along just fine.  I'll share more in the days to come.

Outside the pug palace this past week I continued training the pugs to ride in the bike basket I bought from Cynthia's Twigs.  I love how people stop and smile as I ride by with snorting pug(s).  Not very many people ride bikes on Guam.  It's just toO humid.  But not me.  I love to ride the bike and so do the puggies.

That's it for now my Blog Buddies.  Until next time - I leave you a pic of my granddaughter Tammy......with Shady:



  1. Your crocheting looks good.

    I have a Cynthia's Twigs basket and I love it. How do you manage to get two pugs in there

  2. Hi tubby2pug - I read Urban Hounds Blog and saw the product review on the pet bike basket and I just had to have one. I am able to get MA-kytah and Shady into the basket because Shady is so slim and tall and she is able to lay in the basket and her head would be past the edge of the basket where she could see out. MA-kytah on the other hand is plump and short and she will not lay in the basket. She just places her two paws on the edge and rides. I have two harneses that fully secures Shady because she is the jumper outter. MA-kytah hates heights and will not jump out but for safety purposes I harness her in anyway. PUG HUGS to you.