Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Month After

I posted a blog today and it showed December 3rd but as I post - it is actually December 4th here on Guam. So in the mornings when I post it's yesterday in America and today in Guam and when I post in the evenings we are almost finished with today and going into tomorrow and today is just getting started in America. Now isn't that something?

Anyway today is December 4th (now) as I post this blog and it is exactly one month since dad passed away. We all miss him very much. We made a little Christmas tree display for his crypt. It was a hot tropical day when we placed it before him.

Merry Christmas Dad.

After the cemetary we headed down to Big Navy Base and at the Exchange this nice sailor asked us if we wanted to donate new toys to the Toys For Tots drive. We donated two toys and we sure felt good about that.

Well the snouts are done:

I will be painting and detailing them to look just like MA-kytah's puggy snout:



  1. Aren't those cute?

  2. You have a waiting model! Can't wait to see how they look when they're finished!!