Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saipan CNMI

I must share the wonderful weekend I spent on the beautiful island of Saipan.  This sleepy island is about a 40 minute plane ride from Guam.  Well Guam is not exactly a hustling and bustling society; however, it has its way of being fast paced and to get away from it all to relax and unwind (and cheap) we head out to Saipan.

Here is a view of Saipan from Capitol Hill.

We go to Capitol Hill to eat breakfast at this little restaurant:
Their freshly baked sourdough bread is so yummy.

This Dalmation meets you at the door............or I think it bids you farewell when you leave the restaurant.

This my Mom and sis Lorraine

Me and my sis Linda

While in Saipan we always go to the Lourdes shrine.  It's so peaceful there.

It's a short walk on an uphill trail to get to the shrine.

Santa Lourdes is nestled on the side of a cliff and there is this huge banyan tree that towers above it.

There is the cute candle hut shaped like a pagoda where you can light a candle and say a prayer.

Shhhhh - Lorraine is praying.

A self pic of me in peace.

Whoops- blooper pic of my foot.

The roots of the tree just attached itself around the cliff.

See the green plant to the left?  That is a huge huge fern.

After praying to Santa Lourdes you pump water from the well to wash your hands and the remaining water in the container is poured into the well to the right.  Mom just pumped her water and is now washing her arms.

Linda pours the remaining water into the well.

A row of pine trees line the path as we head out of the grotto.

Oh lookey - coconut art.

I like this little guy.


Touring the island.  Our tour guide is little sister Linda.

Oh Yeah and she had to a little bit of work.  Ummm she had to present one of the employees a service award.

After we did that we went back to being tourists.  It was just wonderful.

Okay my blog buddies.  I'm back on Guam, back to being mummy. and back to being a pug artists.  Until next time - I'll leave you a pic of the lunar eclipse that happened last night December 10, 2011 at approximately 11:30 p.m. from the beautiful island of Saipan.



  1. Wonderful pics !! Thank you for sharing.
    Here in good old Germany it soooo cold, this pics warm me

  2. Brigitte - OMG.........we are heading to Germany soon. I hope it's before Christmas. My husband and I have not had a Christmas together in 5 years. We will be stationed in Baumholder. Keep warm my friend.